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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Print Catalogs Still Deliver Sales - Booklets Do, Too

An article in the October 16 issue of the Wall Street Journal captured my interest as someone who has been in the booklet business since 1991. The article was titled "In Digital Era, Marketers Still Prefer a Paper Trail."

"So why does the catalog which helped Richard Sears launch his eponymous retail empire more than a centruey ago, continue to thrive in the electronic age? Because glossy catalog pages still entice buyers in a way that computer images don't. Catalogs, marketers say, drive sales at Web sites, making them more important than ever."

The article goes on to cite high sales statistics from paper catalogs, and talks about why mail-order catalogs will never go away.

There are two big points in mentioning this article to you:

1. You can find new ideas, reminders, and confirmation of your ideas for new business by reading newspapers, magazines, trade publications, Web sites, and your mail -- when you're open to seeing things through the filters of opportunity.

2. The mail-order catalog companies have used booklets to generate more business by offering a booklet (or other forms of information products) as a gift with purchase, usually for a certain dollar amount, or for any purchase in a particular issue of their catalog or for opening a new account, or in other ways. What catalogs are good matches for your topics?

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