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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Online Booklet a Good Idea

After recently writing about whether your bulk booklet buyers prefer paper or pixels, the following showed up in an Internet Retailer ezine. A savvy booklet author and marketer will see this industry intelligence for the great opportunity and invitation that it is.

The Internet kills off Penney's big-book catalogs

With consumers shifting to shopping online and placing fewer paper orders, J.C. Penney (No. 15) will no longer publish its twice-yearly big-book catalogs. J.C. Penney will shift more resources to the web and smaller specialty catalogs.

Whether you choose to approach the person/department responsible for marketing the primary website activities or go to those in charge of the smaller specialty catalogs, the electronic versions of your content can be used by a company like J.C. Penney in the same ways that they would have used your printed version -- to increase sales! What do you have that could be a match for a company like this? This kind of licensing deal to their marketing department could be huge for you and for them.

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