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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Booklets - Re-gift Your Holiday Experiences

"Re-gifting" is one of those words that has found its way into the language in recent years. The concept has probably been around forever, just without a name attached to it.

The December holiday season means many things to people -- some wonderful things and some less-than-delightful. In that variety lives opportunity, when you see it that way.

The gift giving, cooking, hosting, and travel (to name but a few typical holiday components) have many "how-to's" in them. And if you're concerned about creating a tips booklet of how-to's that seems off topic from your business or too seasonal to be useful throughout the year, look again. You can probably make a connection, whether through humor, as a metaphor, or both.

Think about what you go through with gift giving. You consider the recipient's interests along with your budget of money and shopping time. Don't you do the same thing when you're marketing your business? You consider the recipients' interests along with your budget of money and marketing time. Are you purchasing all the gifts or making some? (Outsourcing your product development or doing it all in-house?)

Your booklet can become X Lessons Learned About Marketing from Last Year's Holiday Gifting, or a more spoof-like title if you prefer.

When it comes to cooking, look at the range of ingredients to purchase, prepare, and serve all at the same time at the correct temperature. The same skills are important in launching a new product line. You need to identify the ingredients, gather them, and prepare them so it all works out exactly when you want it to.

Hosting - the balance between activity and rest, each of which is crucial. What happens when you're constantly in motion in your business and never or rarely take time to relax and regroup? Many people write about life balance. That topic can be spiced up when in comparison to hosting your entire extended family for two weeks at the holidays.

Travel also needs analysis of when to go, the best ways to get there, the cost of time and money, how much you can pack based on your mode of transportation. You didn't realize there were so many tips in there, did you? Oh, you did, huh? Well, re-gift that information to someone who needs and wants it, whether it becomes about business travel tips or turns into a metaphor about traveling life's journey.

Yes, someone does need and want information from the lessons you've learned. It may also become a cathartic experience for you, re-framing some possibly hectic times for something that speaks to the generosity of the season.

Until next time,
Paulette - marveling at how someone on Facebook told someone else to stop working and enjoy the holiday. Who is to say work isn't that person's form of enjoyment?



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