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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Yes, Yes, and Yes with Booklets and Business

How many "yes" answers have you created with your tips booklets and your business? It gets easier to say yes when you're providing choices among your products and services at various prices, formats, and delivery schedules.

When someone has a particular price they are willing to pay, can you give them something that will satisfy them at that price? It may be a smaller quantity, part of a bigger package, or a different format. If they are hesitating about a booklet, can you suggest they may find it a better match to have that same information as an audio product, for instance?

You may be comfortable offering a multiple payment plan as another choice. Requiring an initial payment that covers your booklet production and shipping costs can be a good solution for certain situations.

Your other related products and services may be available in parts if someone isn't immediately able to buy the entire thing. Someone recently asked about making two payments with something that just didn't sit well with me. Instead, I was able to suggest a product that had part of the larger product, which was really all the person needed to accomplish the goal, at a price that was completely manageable. Offering that option as a "yes" was much better than saying "no" to the 2-payment request.

Look at your current products, services, and business model. What changes (minor or otherwise) can you make so you increase the number of "yes" answers you can provide? It keeps your clients coming back for more, and keeps your business healthy and prosperous.

Until next time,
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