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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Booklets and Loving Your Vendors

How do you treat your booklet vendors? Do you treat them like gold because they are so valuable to you? Or do you take them for granted because, after all, you're paying them good money, right?

Today's post comes from both sides of the vendor/client equation. Over the years, there have been graphic designers, printers, audio duplicators, packaging resources, editors, virtual assistants and more who have been the unsung heroes in my business. Okay, I do sing about them whenever possible, as you may already know. However, they are the crucial people who are typically behind the scenes. They are the ones who really make or break my business. And that's no exaggeration, and I let them know that in no uncertain terms.

I treat them with respect and appreciation, and I periodically thank them out of the blue, quite sincerely. Each of them goes well beyond the least that's expected of them, and usually with grace. The few who don't are no longer part of the "family." Simple as that.

Most of my clients treat me and my business and my vendors with respect and appreciation, too, as one of their vendors. Every so often, someone comes along who doesn't. I don't think it's malice. I think it's thoughtlessness. Okay, sometimes it's some misguided sense of entitlement that rears its head. Usually, though, they are so wrapped up in their own "stuff" that they forget that someone pitched in to ease their journey. It may have been a quick turn-around in their time crunch or some useful marketing input or a range of other possibilities. But no simple "thank you" was forthcoming.

Take a look at who serves your best interests in a supporting role. Thank them. Tell them you appreciate what they do. The return on that investment is huge.

Until next time,
Paulette - who needed to get that little mini-rant off her chest, and who adores her vendors



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