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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Booklets a Great Small Business Promotion Tool for Associations, Too

When was the last time a professional association you belong to offered you the chance to market your business and have a new product simultaneously by your participation in a collaborative tips booklets with other members?

Probably never.

There are very few membership associations that can live on dues alone. It just doesn't happen. Member services to attract and retain members usually cost more than what can be generated by dues that must be kept at a price members will pay. And associations are like any other business, small or large. They need income to operate. That income is comprised of both dues and non-dues income.

Non-dues income typically comes as sponsorships from vendors, special events that bring in a surge of new money to add to the dues income, or related products the association sells.

What if your association had a product that both marketed its members, was a source of income for the association, and generated business for its members' companies at the same time - one thing that accomplished multiple functions for the associations and its members? Seems pretty attractive doesn't it?

That's exactly what several associations are now realizing as new titles are being offered through www.CollectionOfExperts.com One booklet was recently completed for the Orange County (California) chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. Another is about to be launched for a state eldercare providers association. This is so easy for everyone to have an instant product and an instant marketing team that it becomes a no-brainer.

It's an easy, inexpensive small business promotion tool for the business owner and the association. We're in conversation now with several associations as well as individual business owners.

There is also a Collection of Experts booklet that is unrelated to any association that is about half full at the moment - Tips, Tools, and Resources for the Second Half of Life. If that suits you or anyone you know, apply to grab a spot in that before it fills completely. Those places are going fast, especially since it just became available this week!

And what about those associations you belong to, what about bringing this concept to them? It's a great small business promotion tool for you and your colleagues. Let's create one for you and 13 people you want to easily, effortlessly, and enjoyably promote each other.

Until next time,
Paulette - thinking back on how this started with an association of Professional Organizers, in the pre-Internet Dark Ages!


At 11:53 AM, Anonymous Paulette said...

Here's another piece of encouragement for approaching associations. Booklets cost less to sponsor for every attendee at an event than sponsoring a speaker, if there has to be a choice.

Smaller sponsorships on the rise — Vickie Sullivan

Another trend in associations: going after smaller sponsorship deals. The “less is more” approach of reaching out to fewer but bigger sponsors has hit a snag due to smaller budgets. So now the mantra according to IEG is “no stone unturned.” The gist: look at all reasonable offers. The problem: exclusivity is a big issue with sponsors and smaller budgets don’t negate that need. Associations will have to tread lightly on that one.

Why do you care? It opens the door for you to bring in your own sponsor. Sponsored speaking tours are easier now that you don’t have that big sponsor brick wall anymore. Go forth and conquer.




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