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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Booklets and Guarantees

Watching the Winter Olympics, there are so many life lessons to learn, whether about business or personal life, booklets or anything else you do. Consider the years and years it's taken for the athletes to hone their skills so they can reliably repeat their success. And one little misstep throws years of effort away in a split second. Some start again and others decide it's the end of their journey. There are no guarantees.

Every athlete has their pace, regardless of the sport. There is no guarantee that a certain amount of effort over a certain period of time will produce a certain result.

The same is true with tips booklets. You can write yours overnight as some have done, or you can take 10 years to complete yours as others have done. You can diligently approach every logical and reasonable prospective client and still come out with less than the goal you set for yourself.

Or, everything can line up like clockwork, all falling into place, with your results surpassing everything you ever imagined and more. Yes, it's important to set your sites high. However, there are so many variables in who you are and in who you deal with. The best you can do is to keep doing and keep being. What you're likely to find are wonderful surprises beyond anything you ever considered.

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