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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Booklet Templates - False Economy Shortcut

People often ask for a template to do the design layout for their booklet, usually as a way to save money rather than having a professional graphic designer do the layout. My standard answer is that unless you are a professional graphic designer yourself, you will do much better by putting your word processing file into the capable hands of a professional who can make your words look good on the page and present your expertise in the manner it deserves to be presented.

Imagine this -- you've spent umpteen years in your field of knowledge, are viewed as an expert, and you want to share your message as widely as possible. That means selling your booklets in large quantities to companies and associations who will use your booklet as a promotional tool for their own products, services, or cause. How likely do you think you'll be in making those sales when your booklet looks anything less than professionally presented?

The return on your Investment of a few hundred dollars to have a professional graphic designer do the design work is huge. If you don't already know someone, contact ours. She knows all the nuances of what I teach as to what's important in the layout and the cover design. Go see examples of some of the booklets she's done for our clients over the years. Oh, and she (Victoria Vinton) is great to work with.

Until next time,
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