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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Booklets, Books, Card Decks, Journals, and Other Derivatives

Once I realized the necessity of having more than only a tips booklet in order to really expand my reach and my revenue, it became obvious that the other product possibilities were endless. This week it seems that many of my clients and colleagues are seeing it more clearly than ever, too.

Apparently our lead graphic designer was looking for some sorely needed insight in training the yappy puppy she and her husband adopted. She happened upon a card deck of tips to raise your puppy while she was looking around Amazon.com The author of the card deck is not one of our booklet people, however, our graphic designer has been creating product sheets for our booklet authors that include references to card decks for quite awhile now. The tips from your booklet can easily become a card deck. Talk with our designer, Victoria Vinton, at www.coyotepressgraphics.com She knows about card decks!

Someone else phoned today to ask if I'd received the book he created that was an expansion of a booklet he had done years ago.

While reviewing a book done by one of the participants in a Collection of Experts booklet, there were obvious ways I saw to leverage her content into a card deck of quotes that she included in her book, and the distinct possibility of using those same quotes on pages of a journal that would be a companion to the book.

Why does all of this matter one bit? Quite simple. When you give your buyer a choice of two or more formats of your material, you automatically increase the likelihood of making a sale, of providing the buyer something that best suits them. It shifts the whole thing away from "yes/no" to "which once of these?"

So, what is your first/next product to develop?

Until next time,
Paulette - who always enjoys real-life confirmations and affirmations


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