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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Booklets - Done Is Better Than Perfect

A soon-to-be booklet author is like many delightful people I've had the good fortune to know in this booklet journey. She is in extended hard labor in birthing her booklet. While I am certain the new arrival will bring her joy, it really doesn't have to be as painful as she's making it. The only "drug" I am suggesting she internalize is the one labeled "Done Is Better Than Perfect."

Because she is a bright, capable, discerning person who has lots of content on her topic, she's having a tough time determining what information to include, how much depth to go into, how much is enough, and how much is too much.

I have assured her that this first booklet can easily have course corrections applied to it if necessary once it sees the light of day. After all, how many course corrections are applied to that human baby? More than can be calculated, no doubt. And the kid grows up to be a fine contribution to society more often than not, even tripping over its own feet innumerable times.

By the way, two paragraphs above, I intentionally included the word "discerning." That word was misspelled in the first 50,000 of the million copies of my booklet that I've sold so far. Yes, sold, even with a typo!

Have you sold 50,000 copies of your booklet yet? Oh, it's not done yet? Ah, got it.

Until next time,
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