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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Booklets - When Letting Go Makes a Sale

You know a lot about your booklet topic. You may even know a lot about how to sell your booklets and other products, who your market is, and how to do business with them.

And there is a whole lot more you and I don't know. That point was brought home yesterday as I sat visiting with a long-time booklet author client of mine who was in town to attend someone's seminar. We explored how we might joint venture with each other.

There were components of her business that seemed ideal for introducing booklets to her people, until she characterized the behavior of those folks. I realized, no, I concluded, that after talking with her for about an hour, we had nowhere to go. I was about to remove myself as graciously as possible, when she started asking me about some other people she knew. These were people who were advisors and colleagues of hers, people I had known of and who likely know of me, yet I had no direct connection with them. My client is enthused enough about the concepts of tips booklets, what I bring to the table, and the benefit to other people that she suggested introducing me to these other folks.

That had not been anywhere on my radar at all when I sat down to talk with her. She also told me about a product she had developed that she's now licensing, which could be useful to many contacts I have, something I knew nothing about before we talked yesterday.

Once I let go of thinking I knew what to discuss with her about how to work together, a huge range of possibilities presented themselves that I had never considered when we first started talking. These possibilities reach much further in benefiting many more people and are considerably more lucrative for a lot more folks.

All I could do was chuckle about what happened, and look forward to my client getting back to her office in the next few weeks so we can start exploring the possibilities that got unearthed once I let go of what I thought I knew!

When you approach a large quantity booklet buyer, start with what you know, and be open to all kinds of other possibilities that you have no reason to imagine.

Until next time,
Paulette - who is still getting a kick out of yesterday's meeting


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