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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Booklets - International, Local, Both

Some booklet authors feel strongly about having a local business and keeping all their connections and contacts within their own zip code/postal code. They don't see the possibility of referrals coming to them from anywhere else in the world as even remotely likely.

I have had this conversation for many years, in two different businesses I've had, first as a professional organizing consultant and now with tips booklets.

The truth is that yes, referrals, resources, and cash-paying clients/customers/patients do, indeed, come from literally anywhere. When I was a professional organizer, it was early in the life of that industry. No matter how strongly some of my colleagues insisted that their business was conducted within, oh, let's say, a 25 mile radius, things happened outside that circle that brought them business. Someone on the other side of the country wanted or needed to buy organizing services for a family member, for instance, because the cross-country person could not travel to help the person get organized. It was only logical to ask for a referral near where the person who needed the help was located.

So what does this have to do with tips booklets? While my business and the majority of my clients are located in North America, there is an increasing response to tips booklets and especially the collaborative Collection of Experts booklets from people throughout the world. There have been participants in Australia, England, and South Africa, to name a few. That means that the people from those countries bring to their country a presence of the products and services of the other participants in the booklet. A couple participants in two Collection of Experts booklets made a foreign rights publishing sale to a publisher in Indonesia. Again, this brings a presence of the products and services of all those people in the booklet to Indonesia.

When was the last time you had an information-product based international marketing reach , and developed a new product and created a whole marketing team for yourself, all within 10 minutes, for under $200?

There are several Collection of Experts booklets with a few openings left in them. See which ones are right for you and contact me to see if it's a match.

Next time you think your business is only local, and someone from outside your region wants to buy something from you, you'll smile thinking back on this blog post, I'm sure.

Until next time,
Paulette - who wants you to have all that is available to you


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