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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Booklets - Look and Listen for Clues

A large quantity booklet prospect can show up in some of the least likely places:

  • You're having lunch with a colleague who says their company's profits are dropping. Hmm, how would that company's sales department like to distinguish their firm by packing one their products with a tips booklet, adding value and increasing their sales?
  • At a party with friends, you overhear some people who are members of a community non-profit group looking for ways to increase donations. Imagine how a tips booklet could add to the choices of possibilities that prompt donations.
  • You do a Google search for something related to your booklet topic. Along the right side of the page you see the paid ads. What does that tell you about companies that have a marketing budget that are relevant to your topic?

These and many more clues are often right within your immediate range. Once you notice them, they become large quantity sales prospects for your booklets and other formats of your content.

Until next time,
Paulette - who notices more on some days than others


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