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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Booklets - Books, Booklets, Bulk Sales

In Brian Jud's recent ezine about selling more books, there was an article representing the type of sale he and I have each experienced. Directly from his ezine:


A local bank used a personal finance book as a business gift to new clients opening saving accounts. The promotion was geared towards high school and college graduates. The book featured information on loans, investing and saving techniques as well as information on stocks, bonds and other investment vehicles. The bank realized that an educated customer is a long term customer... and focusing on young clients insured years of good relationships. Over 7500 books were sold on short discount.


Imagine how much more helpful the bank would be to those high school and college graduates if the bank first provided a tips booklet on personal finance when they open an account, and then rewarded those same new customers with a more in-depth book on the topic when a certain financial or time benchmark was reached.

This is a way for the bank to stay in touch with those customers, further educate them, and stand above the crowd in banking. It's also a way for the company who sells books and booklets to make more sales to the same large-quantity client.

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