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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Booklets - What Will They Do For Me?

Whether you are selling a single copy or a large quantity to a single buyer, whether it's the downloadable or printed version, the question the buyer is thinking is "what will these booklets do for me?" Your buyer may be very conscious of that thought or it could be somewhere in the background of their thinking, influencing their buying decision.

And the longer you're in business, if your like me, you may be inclined to sometimes short-cut your communication about that all-important element. After all, isn't it obvious what that booklet will do for you?? Sheesh. C'mon.

Nope, not so obvious to lots of folks.

For the individual reader of your booklet, the intention is to somehow improve their life with the content in the booklet. Well, the same is true for the large quantity buyer. The booklet is intended to improve their business life. It could be a tool to help them sell more of their product, give them greater recognition out in the market place, warm up their buyers to buy more at some later date, help the company cut expenses since it could be a reward for a survey, or on and on.

The value will be different from situation to situation. It's your responsibility to stay conscious and alert enough to shift gears and tune in (mixed metaphor, but you get it) to who it is you're addressing. There are times the value will be obvious to you and other times you'll need to dig around some in the buyer's thought process and circumstance. Regardless, until that buyer is aware of what your booklet will do for them, they probably aren't your buyer.

Until next time,
Paulette - who sometimes still struggles to remember this, especially when tired or stressed


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