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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Booklets - Using What You Forgot You've Got

With all the information circulating every day, it can be easy to forget the resources you already have for your booklets that are just what you need today. Here are a few:

  • Product/publication you bought or borrowed from someone
  • Forum/discussion list/social media to ask questions
  • Online search by asking a question in Google
  • People you know (professional advisors, colleagues, friends, family)
  • Articles/ezines of interest and relevance that you archived
It's not uncommon to see or hear people asking questions on topics I've covered in my "How to Promote Your Business with Booklets," that I know the person already has in their possession. I sure don't expect anyone to memorize that program. If you have it (or don't have it), there is easily accessible information in it about creating a tips booklet, promoting it, selling it, and pricing it, and expanding it into a complete product line.

Look on your book shelf, in your filing cabinet, and on your hard drive to see what's there. Consider who the people are who are in your life who can be helpful to you. Use what you already have and add what else you need.

Until next time,
Paulette - reviewing my bookshelf and hard drive, too


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