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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Booklets - Frequent Communication and Another Salable Product

An ezine article this week talked about survey results showing trustworthiness as more important to clients and prospects than having high-quality products or services, or offering fair prices, and that one way to establish trustworthiness is frequent communication.

You may wonder how you can have frequent communication with your people if you think your tips booklet is only one product. It's actually many products. And each product has many components.

By pulling apart the booklet to put each tip onto a card for a card deck or into an email for an autoresponder series, you can "drip" on your clients as many times as you have number of tips. And you can do that either in print or in audio as sound bites.

Once you've done this for yourself, you can also license it to companies and associations for them to use your content in the same way, to frequently communicate with clients and prospects to build trustworthiness and a bigger bottom line.

Do you have the How to License Your Booklet for Huge Profits? Your corporate and association clients want you to have it so they can use what you have for everyone's benefit.

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