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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Booklets - Change the Boring "101" to an Exciting New Product

"101" is a popular number to use for the number of tips, ideas, ways, or whatever in a tips booklet. I've personally never been fond of it since my own style is to differentiate rather than to fall in line with what a lot of other people do.

However, if your booklet has any number other than 104 (either less or more than that), consider adding or subtracting to what you have so that it is 104. By doing that, you end up with two years' worth of a tip a week. That gives you the opportunity to send your community one useful tip from your expertise each and every week, keeping you in front of the people who want what you've got.

AND ...if that gives you that opportunity to stay in touch with your people on a weekly basis, it also gives anyone you'd like to license your tips to the same marketing opportunity. The licensee can drip a tip on their mailing list, subscriber list, list of prospects and/or buyers, each and every week. And the licensee pays you for the right for them to use your content in that way.

If you're nowhere near 101 tips at all, and you're closer to 52 tips, well, then you've got one year of weekly tips. Not so bad, either, is it?

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