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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Booklets - The "So What" Test

When you contact someone to invest in a large quantity of your tips booklet(s), does your communication with them pass the "so what" test?

Imagine this: you answer your phone to hear "this is Joe Shmoe and we have the greatest thing since sliced bread. We're so excited about it that we're completely jumping out of our skin...and on and on and on."

Or the same thing in a letter that accompanies a sample of your booklet: "I just finished this booklet that took me 12 years to write. As you know, surveys say the best thing since sliced bread these days is wheat. Wheat is grown in the months of... and on and on and on."

So what??? Who cares???

In both those instances, you lost the receiver of your communication, I am very sure. No matter how good the content is in your booklet, the person you're contacting must be told immediately how this tips booklet will help them. Period. That's it. Will it help them sell more of their product, get more market share, save money, increase their customer base, or other things that matter to your buyer?

It has to be in the first or second sentence, or don't bother. You can tell yourself all kinds of reasons why someone isn't buying from you, when it probably comes down to your not telling them how your tips booklet is beneficial to them.

THAT is so what!

Until next time,
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