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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Booklets - What CAN You Do?

If you're so inclined, it can be oh so easy to come up with reasons why things aren't working for you right now (or lately) in your booklet business. Here are just a few I've heard:

  • December (or the summer or just about any time of the year)
  • the economy
  • your topic
  • being a one-person business
  • thinking marketing and sales are difficult
  • believing you don't know how to do bulk sales or who your market is
  • needing money for groceries, rent, car insurance before investing in business
Well, guess what, you're right. As long as you believe any one of the things on that list, you're dead in your tracks. There are ways to turn each and every one of the items on that list into a plus, into something you CAN do to move things forward. I've done it and many other booklet authors have done it.

There are booklet authors who thrive each and every month of the year, regardless of what the economy is doing, with topics that would amaze you, without having any employees. They determine what sales and marketing approaches make the most sense for them, make changes when things aren't working, look at what others have done as models, and turn it all around.

What stories are you telling yourself? And, as Dr. Phil on television would say, "How's that working for you?"

Until next time,
Paulette - ready to work with those who are ready to do the work


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