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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Booklets - Negotiate Now Not Later

While it can be difficult if not impossible to consider the whole range of "what if's" in a business transaction with your booklets or any other part of your business, anticipate the most basic desired outcome before you do anything and get it into a written agreement for review by both parties.

Be sure your ears perk up and your brain goes into gear when you hear words like "collaborate" or "increase your credibility" or "for exposure." Those are often euphemisms for "no money will be exchanged."

There are certain situations where that won't matter to you, where getting that exposure or increasing your credibility or working together with a particular person are all things that will take you further in your booklet journey than getting cash payment in that moment.

However, if you are well established, have lots of credibility, and are fully capable of creating a good product without the input of someone else, then those words are likely to be less appealing to you.

No matter which way you choose, get clear about it at the beginning of the discussions. Attempting to do so later can be difficult if not impossible to change the course of how your interactions are developing.

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