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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Booklets - Say It Again and Again, and Once More

Ever get concerned about being too repetitive with your message in and about your booklet? It turns out that repetition is crucial in serving people well.

Multiple exposures are required to truly learn something. That means presenting the information in your booklet in different formats and repeatedly. Have you learned something the first time you were exposed to it? I know I rarely do.

And do you usually buy something the first time you learn about it? Okay, once in awhile maybe you do. More often than not, you think about it. Then it shows up again and you think about it some more. And then again, and maybe you're finally ready to invest in it because you know it will add something positive to your life.

Present your booklet information frequently and in different formats. If it's not a match for people, they will make their own best choice. If it is a match for people, they will make their own best choice, too!

Until next time,
Paulette - who is reminding herself as much as reminding you to remind the people in your world about what you have that can help them


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