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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Booklets - Places They Don't Sell

A booklet author recently told me of her experiences at a local business expo where she had her booklets for sale at her booth. Not only did she sell none of them, the producer of the expo was surprised to know she was attempting to "sell her information."

None of this story was a big surprise to me. It's one of the many reasons I suggest selling booklets in large quantity to the producer of such a show, to give away to each attendee as a value-added item, imprinting the cover with the name of the business expo. That would have immediately repositioned and elevated the value of that exact same booklet and given the booklet author a substantial sale and a substantial marketing exposure.

Think twice or even three times next time you look plan where and how you will sell your booklets.

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At 5:07 AM, Anonymous Chris Sier said...

In order to make it cost effective for me to make a reasonable profit/booklet (discounting them while covering printing) if someone wanted imprinted booklets, I would need them to buy a minimum of 1,000 booklets. Am I being unrealistic?

At 8:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It depends on your costs and the decisions you make about what you want your profit margin to be.


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