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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Booklets - Benefits Rule When Selling in Bulk

How clear are you about the benefit of your booklet to your bulk buyer? Have you told the decision maker specific ways the booklet can serve them? Until and unless you are crystal clear about that and communicate it clearly, any sales you make are likely to be in spite of yourself rather than because of your best efforts.

Here are just a few ways the booklet helps your buyers' business:
  • Distinguishes them in their industry, helping them sell more of their product or service
  • Allows them to easily educate their customers/clients/patients/subscribers, so they buy more
  • Creates an attitude of care, concern, and support for their buyers so they buy more
  • Reaches people who would not otherwise be aware of the business, helping to sell more
It is and will always be about how the booklet can help the bulk buyer's business sell more of their product or service. Customize the reasons based on the particular business, focus on the benefit to you buyer, and see your sales soar.

Until next time,
Paulette - reminding you it's always about the benefit to the buyer


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