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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Booklets – Fame Not Required

So you are not a household name anyplace other than in your mastermind group and among your nearest and dearest? That has zero influence on your ability to sell zillions of copies of your tips booklet.

The ONLY thing that matters to a booklet buyer, whether they are buying a single copy of a million copies, is how the booklet can make his or her life more, better, or different. Can it help them sell more of their product by using he booklet as a gift when someone purchases something from them or for signing up for their newsletter? Can it provide a better experience for a person when they join an association or attend a conference of that association? Can it cast a different, improved light on how your buyer is perceived in the marketplace because they are generously giving a gift to express customer appreciation?

While your booklet certainly needs to be well written and well produced, who you are is really of minimal consequence in the whole process and in the decision to buy from you. Yes, you do need some bit of credibility that supports why you have the right to put your expertise out there. Beyond that, it doesn’t matter.

So in case you’re hiding out in the belief that you are not well known and that no one will buy from you until you are, you may want to consider getting over that limiting belief as fast as you can so you can give the world something it wants.

Until next time,

Paulette – who found lots of individuals and companies that didn’t care one bit who I was when they bought the million copies of my booklet




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