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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Booklets -Same Ole, Same Ole -- Not

A friend glanced through someone's tips booklet the other day thinking the topic had already been done and overdone. That was right up to the moment she saw a tip that was something she didn't know and thought was an excellent suggestion. That could have been the only thing new to her in that booklet. I don't know for sure since she did not have the chance to read through the whole thing.

It's not uncommon for booklet authors to be concerned about the idea that there is nothing new for them to say, that it has already been said before. Keep this in mind:

1. Given the billions of quasi-intelligent people there are in just the English-speaking world, there is no way any of us can ever reach everyone who would be our client.

2. One new piece of information is, well, one new piece of information.

3. A reminder can be as useful as a new piece of information.

4. Confirmation can be valuable to the reader, allowing them to feel they are "on the right track."

Bottom line - write yours anyway, and do it today.

Until next time,
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