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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Booklets – Simple and Timely Replies

You send your booklet sample to a corporate decision maker who previously indicated interest in obtaining thousands of copies of your booklet.

And then you hear nothing.

You send a follow-up email, wait a week, leave a friendly follow-up voicemail, wait another week, and still nothing.

The ever-creative Committee in Your Head develops a laundry list of reasons why you are hearing nothing from the corporate decision maker. No matter what reasons you believe, the fact (and all you really know for sure) is that you got no reply.

Maddening, isn’t it? After all, the person said they were interested. It looked like a good match, and certainly a substantial sale. What happened??

Well, think about your track record when it comes to responding to people, even when you’re interested in what they have and what they’re about and how they can help your business. Do you let someone know with a simple “got it” when they email you some information you discussed with them? After all, email delivery is sometimes unreliable or can accidentally be deleted or overlooked. Do you confirm an appointment when someone sets a time for a meeting you wanted to have with them, or do you just figure they understand it’s confirmed, leaving them wondering? What do YOU do to complete the communication cycle?

It can take just a couple seconds to let the sender know you’re still in the conversation or that the time is available in your schedule, or that you want another detail to clarify something.

Do your part and see what happens. Setting that tone of good, clear, concise communication often raises the bar for those around you, who you want to know if they received what you sent.

Until next time,

Paulette – eager to receive “got it” from you




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