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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Booklets – Pistachios and Other Nuts

Do you have a food you like that you haven’t had in awhile? You used to eat it all the time, and, for whatever reason, you haven’t even thought about it in awhile. It’s not that you’re allergic to it or that the price went up or that it’s inconvenient to obtain it. You just simply forgot. It fell off your radar and got replaced by other foods you grew to like maybe more or maybe equally.

In the past few months, the Powers that Be in the pistachio industry (yes, pistachio nuts!) apparently realized they needed to remind people about the existence of their product. All of a sudden it seemed their promotions were everywhere. They were in the media. The in-store displays and sale offers were prominent. Quite honestly, they got me. I was one of those people who was reminded that I always liked pistachios, hadn’t had them in awhile, and bought a few bags over a period of weeks. Okay, I confess I decided I needed to stop buying them because one portion, maybe two, equaled a whole bag, regardless of what the data said on the bag. It wasn’t a good thing for me on a long term basis. However, I digress.

So did you make the connection here with the pistachio experience and your booklets? You may have fallen off the radar of a company who loved your booklet. Something else attracted their attention and they tested that out. You may have let up on your promotion and publicity since you got distracted with other things. They probably liked your booklet enough to consider buying more from you if only they remembered how good your booklet was, how easy you were to deal with, how well-priced your booklet was, and the outstanding business results they had by using your booklet promotionally to sell more of their product.

It would not be the first time someone said something like “I’m so glad you reached out. I lost your contact information. We love your booklet and want thousands of copies of it. How fast can you deliver them?”

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