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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Booklets - Doing Is Often Easier Than Thinking About Doing

Have you been thinking about doing a booklet? And thinking, and thinking, and thinking some more? You may be among the people who are most comfortable making a plan, doing research, anticipating possibilities, and laying as much groundwork as you can before you start something. While that can give you a certain result, it can also keep you from starting at all.

Rather than doing all that thinking, what about carrying around a notebook or other recording device and capturing the seed of ideas that represent what you'd say to someone about your expertise if you were in a casual conversation with them? Transfer those unpolished ideas into a word processing file on your computer. Keep adding to them. The pace may be quick (as in days or weeks) or it might be months.

When you think you've got a good chunk of entries (that's a highly official measure -- "a good chunk"), refine and organize what you've got. You are likely to be happily surprised by how you got your booklet written and done, by DOING it rather than THINKING about doing it.

Until next time,
Paulette - who believes done is better than perfect


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