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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Booklets - Who Did You Tell

Who have you told about your business and your booklet lately? Sharing your enthusiasm about your booklet is simply that -- telling people what you have and how excited you are about it. After all, how will anyone know what you've got that just may be helpful to them personally or professionally if you didn't tell them about it?

Once people know what you have, they need to know if and how it can help them. Are you telling them that, too?

When you think about the last time you became aware of some product or service for the first time, and you thought about how it could be helpful to you in some way, you made your own decisions about getting it. It was based on the value you placed on it. That's exactly the process people in your life go through about your booklet and your business.

So, who did you tell about your business and your booklet, and what did you tell them? Tell more people, and tell them how it can help them -- now.

Until next time,
Paulette - continuing to tell you what I have and that it can improve your business


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