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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Better than a Calendar or Greeting Card

Booklets are ideal for staying in touch with clients and prospects, especially with the holiday season fast coming upon us. Yes, I know it's only the first week of October, and I can hardly stand walking into stores that have had Christmas things up for a couple months already.

However, there are at least three opportunities in the next three months for people to buy your booklet in bulk, have you customize the booklet with their company logo and contact information (usually at a minimum of 1,000 copies), and use it to send to their clients and prospects.

The first opportunity in the United States comes the end of November when Thanksgiving is celebrated. I know our Canadian neighbors get a jump on this holiday and will be celebrating Thanksgiving next Monday. However, booklets can be an ideal way for a company, professional practice, association, or publication to extend their thanks and appreciation to their customers, clients, subscribers, members, and prospects. Thanksgiving is not typically a time such acknowledgement is offered, so it's a good way to be distinguished from among the crowd.

Opportunity number two is in December during the time of the traditional Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and Winter Solstace season. Again, another chance to express gratitude to those who add much to other's lives. Getting a tips booklet with useful information in it will stick around long after the pile of season's greetings cards have been thrown away or recycled. Your booklet client's business will remain fresh in the mind of those who received it.

The third moment is in January, at the start of the Julian calendar's new year. Sending out copies of a booklet in the context of 'this is to get you started off on the right foot in the new year' works wonders. This is, again, a way to stand out from the rest, especially once people are back in business mode somewhere around the second or third week of January.

Take a look at who your large-quantity booklet prospects are and contact them this week. Help them find their best positioning for sending out booklets to their people in the next three months by asking them 'which of these times would be best for you?' That removes or at least minimizes the possibility of a yes or no answer. And if their list is less than 1,000 entries, encourage them to use the rest of the booklets to prospect new people or to send as a thank you for a referral.

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