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Monday, October 03, 2005

I Don't Love it Anymore

An attendee at a seminar where I recently spoke said she was at the event because she didn't love what she was doing anymore. Not so uncommon is it, whether self-employed or employed by someone else? Her comment did, in fact, resonate with a lot of the people there. Now this post is not about career counseling in particular, though it could turn out that way for you.

Think about your business if you're self-employed. There are most likely bits and pieces of it that don't excite you, and parts that have you so engrossed you hardly realize how much time has gone by. There's parts you can talk about for as long as anyone will listen. Take those exciting parts and write a tips booklet about the topic. Yes, a tips booklet. You can get it done in no time, and it can be the cornerstone for other related products and/or services.

The same goes for you who may be employed by someone else. Maybe there is something about your job that you absolutely adore. If not, look around in the rest of your life, whether it's a personal experience you had, a hobby you enjoy, a research project you never intended but turned out to capture your interest. Write a tips booklet about it. Who knows, that could transition you into a completely new career in the process!

When you write a booklet about something you find interesting, exciting, or otherwise-captivating, it makes it very easy to sell. You'll tell anyone about it, with genuine enthusiasm. That enthusiasm has a way of getting all over people, and they want what you've got as fast as they can get it.

Don't love what you're doing anymore? Then look around to find even a bit of something that you do love and write a booklet about it. I'm on my third career so far, with probably a couple more to go. What about you?

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