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Monday, October 10, 2005

Booklets for Overlooked Boomer Women

An interesting article in today's Ad Age ezine about missed opportunities in marketing to the highly desirable demographic of women aged 50-70. The article talked about how few companies are effectively doing so, considering these women (myself among them) are important decision makers, are consumers of lots of things, and have more time and money to follow up on their interests. The one company positively cited for doing a good job of reaching this group of people was Mass Mutual insurance company.

What's this got to do with booklets? Think about your topic or topics. Anything there that a woman in her 50's-70's would find particularly valuable? When I look at the list of booklets in the ebooklet catalog on my site, there's very few of those booklets that would not be good for a company, association, or publication to use as a promotional tool for their product, service, or cause.

You may need to specifically frame the use of your booklet that way for that part of the population when speaking with a marketing or sales manager at a company, or a membership chair at an association, or the circulation manager of a publication. These companies want to increase their market share, launch a new product, and keep their brand in front of people. Your booklet can help them do that. Associations want to keep their members and add new ones. Your booklet can help them do that. The same goes for subscribers of print magazines. Your booklet can help them do that. And each of these entities have large universes, which means large sales for you.

Got the general idea and want more guidance? Call me to book an hour on the clock, or get my How to Promote Your Business with Booklets. Then YOU will be enjoying some of the same revenue increases that your clients will.

Ask me how.

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