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Friday, February 10, 2006

Audio CD Marketing Tips

You may know I encourage booklet authors to also produce their content as audio CDs. In an excellent weekly ezine put out by www.SpeakerNetNews.com , there was a series of ideas for marketing CDs that I want to share with you. Thanks goes to Fire "Captain Bob" Smith, whose website is www.eatress.com , for contributing these suggestions.

* After I marketed a new CD series I thought of another older CD series that could be a companion. I pitched it to prospects this way: "You're on the road more than ever commuting or traveling. That's why we're offering our new 'Commuter, On the Road' CD series. The series contains our existing entry level CD program and our new companion CD. Visitors to the Web site can hear segments of the programs." It worked! The new CD series is also being used to up-sell another existing product. Now, more than half the orders go out with the bundle offer.

* A few years ago I produced a CD that I never duplicated and marketed. I made 25 copies and started passing them out (my cost 20 cents). Guess what? The CD is a great business card. One of those I gave the CD told me the second time he listened to the CD he was driving with three associates. He told them he would just play the CD for five minutes. If they didn't care for it he would eject it. At five minutes they wanted more. Result? I got a booking.

* I'm putting up a new Web site with MP3 segments from the CD that got me the booking.

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