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Monday, February 06, 2006

Follow Through

Some business people have elaborate contact management systems for following up with the people in their business life. Others have basic, unsophisticated, simple systems they're created that work. I'm about results, which means you get to choose whatever way(s) bring you where you want to go.

John Kremer, author of "1001 Ways to Market Your Book," talks about a matrix of three. He advises doing three things every day to market your book -- or booklet in this case. That way you keep it at the level of likelihood that you (and I, by the way) can remain consistent in those marketing efforts and follow through with people who at some point indicated they wanted to do business with you. Contacting three people a day may not be enough for you. You get to decide what the right number is in your world.

Is it like a wild goose hunt to track down those marketing executives, small business owners, association employees, and whomever else you are prospecting? Well yeah, sometimes it is. How do you (and your checkbook) feel when you land one of those whales of a sale? Ok, so the checkbook doesn't have feelings. You sure do, though. Then again, maybe your checkbook DOES have feelings. I digress.

Distinguish yourself from among the crowd by following up with the people who indicated in some way that they want what you have. Surprise yourself and them.

Until next time,
Paulette - who loves it when someone says they're so pleased I called.


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