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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Passive Income

Booklets are passive income -- NOT. They are income that allows you to make money without having to be a certain place at a certain time each and every day. They are income that gives you creative flexibility to grow more products from them.

They could look like passive income when you get an order from someone who received a copy of your booklet from someone else, and wants to know how they can order a large supply from you for themselves. That is about as close to truly passive income as booklets get.

Otherwise, it is most definitely required that you do SOMETHING to let your world know that your booklets exist. Does it have to be a difficult and time-consuming effort? Nah, it really doesn't. There are so many ways to 'drip' on the people who want to know what you've got.

You can distribute information articles to the many online article directories, with a reference to your booklet in the Resource Box at the end of the article. You can talk with clients you already know to let them know about your booklets. You can do the same with colleagues. You may be very surprised to know that many of my colleagues bought booklets from me early on. They thought it was easier than writing their own, and they liked what I had to say. You can tell your family and friends about your booklet. That, too, might surprise you to learn how many of those folks can introduce you to buyers or be a buyer themself!

So think twice about just how passive any of this is or can be. And then go have a good time making lots of sales.

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