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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

When I'm Ready

It's such a kick to observe human behavior. At least I enjoy it, anyway. That includes mine as well as those around me. In the past few weeks, many people clamored to spend money for all kinds of reasons as you well know. Much was spent on gifts for others - T'was the season. There was also money spent as a gift to the spender, either for tax deduction purposes (get the deduction in before the end of the calendar year) or because it came under the heading of 'long overdue' or some other reason. I had orders come in based on all those reasons. There was a deluge of orders today, in fact, as people are getting back into the swing of post-holiday business.

Some of the reasons I particularly love are framed something like this: "I read about you in a book I bought about 5 years ago. I wasn't ready until now." Or "I heard you speak about 8 years ago and have been thinking about doing a booklet ever since." Or "Someone sent me a copy of your booklet 4 years ago and I've been meaning to buy copies of it for a marketing campaign I want to do, and the timing just wasn't right." Do you recognize yourself in any of those?

The moral of the story? It's basic business sense: It's vital to keep on keeping on, since there is no way to know who will be ready when. It can be tough to do business forecasting based on such delays. It's a good thing there are people who make quick decisions, or we'd be out of business way before now. The best that can be done is to keep on marketing, keep on promoting your business, stay in front of the folks who are highly likely to want what you've got, when they're ready. Seize and create every opportunity you can to let people know what you've got that can enhance their lives, whenever they are ready.

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