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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Write a Book?

Are you still thinking about writing a book? The operative words there are "still thinking." And yes, I did say "book." If you are one of those folks who has tripped over the work of tipsbooklets.com and are wrestling with booklet versus book, and you're analyzing all the possibilities, my question to you is this: how long are you going to THINK about it?

For the many weeks, months, and years you've been pondering the idea of writing a book, you could have already written a booklet (or hired me to write it with you), and you could have sold millions of copies of that booklet. ( I teach you or your assistant how to do that). You could have been an a published author by now. You could have sold a million copies of your booklet and its derivatives by now, with much less time, money, and brain strain than writing a book.

Isn't now the time to stop thinking and start doing? Talk to me. We'll get it to happen. It'll be not only painless. It'll also be fun!

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