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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Nothing Works

"Financial planners are getting worse results with direct mail than ever before. No one is spending any money on special sales (bulk sales in the traditional publishing world). The dating and relationship industry is saturated. Hard copy print publications like magainzes and newspapers are going down the tubes and have no money to spend on premiums."

These are all statements I've heard or read in the past two weeks. I get a kick out of things like this, I really do. The person communicating each of these things truly believes what they wrote or spoke. They believe it in their heart of hearts, at the core of their being, and they can't wait to spread it around to whoever is open to it. The sky is falling, in their opinion.

Now, I don't mean to sound like I've got my head buried in the sand or that I am navigating down that river in Egypt, De-nial. I do know there are some realistic trends out there. What I also know is that a case can be built for just about anything.

I know there are still plenty of financial planners for whom direct mail works great -- when they have decent copy and an excellent offer. They also use booklets as an incentive for sales calls. There are also lots of companies who think books and booklets are ideal mechanisms to help promote their product, service, or cause. Yes, there are new dating services poppping up daily, and some developers of these services are using determination and incitefulness to make their unique and highly lucrative place among the crowd. As for print publications, many of them are shifting their focus to the addition of their website, using incentives to bring in more traffic and more advertising revenue.

The point to all of this was stated a little earlier, that a case can be built for just about anything. You can get yourself to believe nothing works. It's over, you missed the boat, the high-point has come and gone. OR you can look at things through different filters. Go down a path a little differently than anyone else. Make your own way.

What would you rather do -- listen to the dream-killers or have the last laugh all the way to the bank? The choice is and always will be yours. I know which way I prefer.

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