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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Where Do You Get Ideas?

Even the most creative among us periodically get stuck in a vacuum, blocked from new ideas. New ideas for products and services, new ideas for adding more clients, new ideas about ways of approaching current and past clients, new ideas about any part of the business.

It got me thinking about the many ways there are to move past that block, and that of course one size doesn't fit all. Everything from meditating, praying, and letting the Universe handle it, to looking at the mail, the television, outdoor advertising all through different filters, to scheduling a formal brainstorming session with people whose input you respect.

The ideas come from a combination of inside you (and me) and outside influences.

When I think about my booklet journey of the past 14 years, there were periods of ideas coming so quickly I could hardly keep up with all of them. Then there were moments where I had to consciously focus on ways to generate activity, to get beyond a void. Either way, it required some motion, some activity.

By relocating from New York nine years ago to living two miles from the Pacific Ocean in sunny San Diego, California, I gave myself the gift of being able to easily take an hour out of an afternoon to go to the beach to clear my head. In fact, in our household, during the week we refer to the beach as The Annex to my office.

I shift gears to allow ideas to surface. I take some action. It may look benign, however it's always powerful as a way to open up the blocks. It took awhile to realize what some of my best techniques are for generating new ideas. Now there's a whole array of them from which to choose, including picking the phone up and talking with someone even for an hour or so.

Notice what works for you, and do it! If you'd like to do some brainstorming with me about all of this, let's schedule some time on the clock together. There's no doubt you'll come away with tons of ideas!!!

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