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Monday, October 24, 2005

Resistance Not Always About Price

It can be easy to immediately think that many prospective clients hesitate in purchasing booklets in bulk because of budgetary issues. Yes, sometimes that's true. However, it's not always the case. Sometimes their resistance is based in something else, even when they like your booklet and see uses for it in their life.

I was given a lead to someone who the referrer thought was interested in a couple hundred copies of my booklet. A warm lead for a couple hundred booklets is fine, though bigger is often better in life. I phoned the prospective client.

Speaking with the person, it quickly became apparent that 1,000 copies would really be more desirable to this person, since my minimum of doing any kind of custom printing on the booklet is 1,000 copies, and customization was what was wanted. The hesitation came in two places other than price. In fact price was never the concern. The concerns were (1) How much space would 1,000 booklets take up since the individual was dealing with limited space, and (2) How would as many as 1,000 copies actually be used beyond the immediate marketing campaign that prompted the initial interest of a couple hundred copies?

The first concern was quickly dispelled when I said the size of the carton would readily fit under a desk or table. The second concern about how all those booklets would be used was quieted when I offered some suggestions about using the booklets as a thank you for requesting a proposal or when sealing a deal, beyond the original marketing campaign. The person's response was a positive one, indiciating my suggestions made sense and had just not been considered before. We've now got a sale in the works.

Talk with your prospects. Help them see more applications for your booklets. You'll help them do more business and they'll help you increase your checkbook balance. It's not always price resistance that stands in the way of a sale.

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