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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A Different Slant on Numbers and Marketing

I love this stuff, and thought you would, too. Marcia puts out such great information I couldn't help but share it with you.


** The Marketing Minute **
brought to you every Wednesday by Marcia Yudkin
Marketing Consultant, Author, Speaker
Numbers are anything but dry when they help you romance customers. Spin a story from statistics, and you can anchor a promotional piece in the charm of unexpected truth.

Last week, for instance, I read that Massachusetts, where I live, tops the other 49 states in the age at which couples marry. This fact bloomed in my mind as I envisioned clever companies playfully using it:
* Dating services
* Hotels
* Financial planners
* Real estate agents
* Executive recruiters
* Fitness clubs
* Jewelry stores
* Sandwich shop

This fact could star in an ad campaign, a postcard or sales letter, a news release, a newsletter, a special event, a menu and more.

To find captivating research, read inner pages of newspapers.
Or browse web sites like
http://www.census.gov, from organizations that collect and report statistics. You'll get greatest mileage from data that got little or no media attention or that debunk popular notions.

For instance, does Vermont have more cows than people? No, just the highest ratio of cows to people.

Read widely. Collect snippets of suggestive data. Serve up food for thought as appetizer for your marketing message.


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