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Monday, November 07, 2005

Self-liquidators - What They Are and Why You Care

I was reminded today of a concept I used to talk about and haven't mentioned in awhile. That is using booklets as self-liquidators. It's done by large companies, and you've most likely seen it yourself. John Kremer of www.bookmarketing.com also talks about this in his books and on his website.

Many companies offer special items for sale at very low prices with a small payment plus proof of purchase. Self-liquidating offers allow the company making the offer to cover some or all of its costs in buying the books or booklets and shipping them out, hence, liquidating the supply of books or booklets. For example, Meow Mix offered The Meow Mix Guide to Cat Talk as a self-liquidator to people who bought a bag of cat food. The book was customized for Meow Mix by simply changing the title of Jean Craighead George’s How to Talk to Your Cat.

This is another way to suggest positioning your booklet when you are talking to decision-makers at large corporations, associations, or publications, each of whom can make a profit on what they charge for shipping something that may otherwise only require a proof of purchase and no cash at all. Everyone stands to benefit in this transaction. That means the end-user who gets the information, the corporation who sells more of their product by offering your booklet, and you who sold the booklet to the corporation in large quantity.

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