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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Spanish Anyone?

In today's issue of the ezine Internet Retailer, one sentence jumped right off the screen at me in the midst of an article titled "More than half of Spanish speakers in the U.S. have shopped online." It was this:


Spanish-speaking respondents also were more likely than non-Spanish speakers to choose the site they purchased from because of the availability of promotions or deals, (39% vs. 29%, respectively).


Promotions or deals? I read that as 'Get a free tips booklet to download when you buy our product.' Don't you? Is your booklet in Spanish? Could it easily be translated into Spanish, or licensed to the site owner to get it translated into Spanish? Is this a new market waiting for you to explore?

Look at the topic of your booklet. Consider how it fits with the products or services of a particular Spanish language site. Contact me if you need the rest of the dots connected for you to expand your market and expand your product line.

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