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Monday, November 28, 2005

Booklets Bonanza with Newspaper Websites

"Circulation is down, but daily newspapers are attracting a lot of readers and revenues with their Web sites."

This is the headline on an article right here at my local San Diego hometown newspaper's website.

This can means lots of good things for booklet authors who read that headline through some possibly-less-than-obvious filters. Your booklet can be used as an incentive by the newspaper (hmm, can we still call it a newsPAPER when it's a website?) and/or by its advertisers to get more visitors to the website and to the businesses of the advertisers. And the booklet can be licensed to the site owner and/or the advertisers as a PDF file, given away as a download for visiting the site or for purchasing product or service from the advertisers. It can also be licensed to be printed by the newspaper or advertisers if they prefer to distribute hard copy.

The biggest thing to focus on is, in fact, the change in focus. Just because the newspaper is no longer experiencing the same level of circulation doesn't mean it's got less readers or less revenue. Position your booklet to reinforce that change and add to the increase revenues.

Here's the entire article, for your reading and creativity-inducing pleasure.

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