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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Think Small

Did I really write that title to this blog entry? Anyone who knows me for even thirty seconds knows I am forever challenging people to think and act abundantly, largely, and beyond what they typically tend to do. So what was I thinking with this title?

Here's what it's about. I am suggesting you make some small goal every day. Consider who would be one good person to purchase 50 copies of your booklet today, or one magazine to send one article to today, or a radio station to be interviewed on today, or one something to move your business forward. Identify something you know is completely do-able for you.

Tomorrow take that one step further. 50 copies was easy for you. How about 100 copies? What about a magazine that's a little larger circulation or prominence than the one you contacted today? Look for a radio station in a little bigger market than the one you approached today.

There is a reason the 12-step recovery programs speak the montra of 'one day at a time.' It's one day at a time that allows things to get done, for progress to happens, for bigger accomplishments to take place. Going from zero to a million of anything might be possible, though it's pretty overpowering and overwhelming for many mortals.

I am not advocating staying at the starting place for very long. I am, in fact, suggesting that taking small steps keeps you actively on the course of a marathon rather than finding you falling off the path of a sprint.

What's one small thing you can do today to forward your booklet business? Do it!

Until next time,


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