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Monday, January 02, 2006

Selling to Libraries

Your booklet and your book could be ideal to sell to libraries, which can, in turn prompt large-quantity sales from people who see your publication there. Here's a first-hand report of success from a member of a discussion group I'm on:

"I've used many methods to try reaching libraries over the 9 years I've been publishing. Waging an email campaign caused sales to libraries to skyrocket. It was time consuming. I put together a short sales pitch with links to more complete details about the book. Then I searched the internet for email addresses of the people in charge of acquisitions for library systems and even individual libraries and sent them direct emails. I was amazed at the orders that rolled in. Email works. Just spend the time to locate the email address of the current buyer for libraries. If you're marketing across the country for a book that has appeal globally, focus on the library systems. Do a search for each state (i.e. NY library systems) and email the acquisitions people for each of the systems. It will still be a large number but it works."

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