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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Giving it Away

Yes, there's times to give away your booklet rather than sell it. Here's a few situations that come to mind:

* People who are good hubs of influence to refer people to you - lawyers giving free booklets to judges, mediators, and therapists who would refer legal cases involving divorce, for instance.

* Decision-makers at corporations, associations, and publications - people who are in a position to purchase or license large quantities of your booklet from you.

* Past clients - keep people in the loop so they know what you are doing and on their radar so they can purchase more from you by remembering you exist.

* Potential clients of your services - your booklet is a high-level business card with a sampling of your knowledge.

* Current buyers of your products or services - an easy and low-cost bonus of 'free booklet with purchase.'

You can probably think of a few more situations where giving your booklet away for free makes really great sense (cents) and a whole lot more dollars.

Until next time,

Paulette - who rarely advocates giving stuff away for free unless there's a reeeeeeally good reason



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