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Monday, January 09, 2006

Who Writes Booklets?

Ever wonder who else writes booklets? Since writing my own in 1991, it's never ceased to amaze me who it is who writes booklets. For awhile it looked like it was mostly speakers, consultants, and personal or business coaches of every persuasion and topic. Those people still do write lots of booklets. However, a small sampling of what I've also seen is a:

* Rabbi
* Truck driver
* Plastics packager
* Pharmacist
* Dentist
* Massage therapist
* Professional organizer
* Stay-at-home mom
* Product inventor
* Realtor
* Trolley tour operator
* Engineer
* College professor
* Freelance writer
* Athlete
* Book publisher
* Musician
* Interior designer
* Lawyer
* Accountant
* Chef
* Web designer
* Animal behavorist
* Published book author
* Financial planner
* Chiropractor
* Actor

and more. If you didn't recognize yourself in that list, remember I said this is a small sampling. And there is always room for more. Have you been thinking about doing a booklet with all those sound bites you've gathered about something over the years? What stops you? Let's talk about getting your great stuff out into the world, to people who want and need what you've got.

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