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Friday, January 06, 2006

Format Matters

Rarely a day goes by without my seeing a new booklet from someone. Most of these booklets have fabulous content, expertise that was hard-earned by the author, information that is highly-useful to lots of people in the world.

Then it comes to the presentation of the material. As fabulous as the content is, I am often amazed by the corners the author is willing to cut when it comes to literally a very few hundred dollars to have a graphic designer make the words look good on the page. The is false economy at its worst as far as I am concerned.

The difference between the author producing a Word document as the finished product, and a well-designed layout done by a professional graphic designer is lite years apart, not even in the same universe. It makes a world of difference in the opinion of the buyer as to what your information looks like, and can absolutely be the difference between making the sale and not making the sale.

It need not be fancy, and certainly not 4-color with lots of graphic images. It does need to sit well on the page, with good spacing of the type, readable fonts in both style and size, a decent amount of white space, and some simple graphic elements. Most authorsI know (myself included) have strengths in other areas than graphic design.

And templates look like templates. Period. Even if you decide to sell your booklet from the final PDF output of a graphic designer and don't ever get it printed, do yourself justice by having a graphic designer lay it out for you.

There are some excellent people I've worked with for quite awhile. You can contact them directly. Their information is found at http://www.tipsbooklets.com/vendors.htm

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